The restoration of the USS Cavalla will take a lot of hard work and time. Here we gladly recognize the contributions of corporations and business entities who have assisted in the project. Often as not, the efforts of well-meaning volunteers are insufficient to ensure the success of a venture this size. It's accurate to say that without the unselfish assistance of the concerns listed here, the Cavalla restoration would be several steps behind where it is now.


Strake Foundation: $70,000

Herzstein Foundation: $70,000

City of Galveston: $10,000

Kemper Fund: $5000


March 26, 2003

The CHF is proud to announce a grant that was made by Jim Burke, one of the newest board members of the CHF, and the commissioning Engineering Officer on the USS Cavalla SSN 684. The grant is in the amount of $250,00 and will go a long ways to help with the work that still needs to be accomplished on both the ships at Seawolf Park.

John McMichael MMCM(SS) USN Ret.
Program Manager/Cavalla Restoration Project


Dec. 18, 2001

Presentation of appreciation to Mr. George Strake of the Strake Foundation
A plaque mounted on teakwood from Cavalla's original deck was presented to Mr. George Strake Dec. 18, 2001. Mr. Strake was the first benefactor to support Cavalla with a substantial grant in 1999. He contacted the Cavalla volunteers shortly after the restoration effort began with a pledge of support. Mr. Strake is no stranger to Cavalla's history. An ex-naval officer, Mr. Strake financially supported Cavalla and Seawolf Park in the 1970's with donations and financing a parking lot.


Neal Stevens, Zeb Alford, George Strake,
Gil Raynor, Ron Smith


June 30, 2000

Houston Endowment -- $175,000


The Houston Endowment, Inc. presented the Cavalla Historical Foundation a check for $175,000 to help restore CAVALLA. The presentation was given by Mr. George Grainger in his office on June 30, 2000 on the 64th floor of the Chase Building, 600 Travis in downtown Houston.

This grant is the largest received to date. This will provide the funds to set a contract to complete all the topside work required before a new deck is installed. Additional funds to restore the deck will be necessary. This grant by the Houston Endowment, Inc. will be of great assistance to the CAVALLA Historical Foundation in raising additional funds.

Information about the Houston Endowment

The Strake Foundation 

$15,000 - 1999
$5000 - June 8, 2000

Mr. George Strake, Jr. has been a loyal supporter of Seawolf Park  and the USS Cavalla. In the seventies his foundation gave the Park Board a large donation to pave the parking lot. He read about the plight of Cavalla in the Houston Chronicle and volunteered to kick off our fundraising effort with his donation.

A biography of George Strake, Sr., oilman and philanthropist

Ron Martini and his BBS Crew -- $2263 Ron Martini is a retired submarine veteran who pioneered the submarine website genre. His BBS became the genesis for the current Cavalla restoration effort. In addition to the $2263 raised by the online auction, most of the small contributions to the Cavalla pledge fund originated from submarine vets and other regulars to his BBS.

Ron Martini's Submarine Network


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Thank you, Enterprise, for the generous $1000 donation.

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