Save the Cavalla Rally
November 10, 1998

Rally kicks off

View from Cavalla

Ron Smith

Texas A&M Honor Guard

Capt. Zeb Alford

Neal Stevens

Raymond Lewis, Park Board

244 looks on

Ch 13's Elma Barrerra & John Fredricks

Cavalla Commandos

Robin Kirkpatrick,
Roy Ator, Ron Smith

Jim Doherty, Greg Peterman

Photos by Dave Stoops


Cavalla Rally 1998

10:00 Start program. THE NATIONAL ANTHEM. Texas A&M University of Galveston Honor Guard presents the colors.

Ron Smith asks John Fredricks to lead Pledge of Allegiance.

Bob Burrell: Opening prayer.

Ron Smith gives wecoming speech.

Roy Ator reads the Cavalla Poem by Bob Harrison.

Cavalla Commandos in action(?)

Capt. Zeb Alford, principal speech.

Cavalla WWII Vets declaration read by Neal Stevens

Guest speaker: Raymond Lewis, Chariman of the Parks Board

Submarine Veterans of World War II Memorial service.

Calling names of boats, tolling the bell
Robin throws wreath into Galveston Bay.
Gil Raynor gives conluding prayer.
We dismiss to Guido's

Cavalla Rally Summary

I believe we had a great rally. It was cool and windy, but everyone coped well. Ron Smith did an outstanding job as emcee. Thanks to the Lawrence Reed and the VFW hall for chairs. The rally was covered by the following media: Galveston Daily News (our best friend!), Houston Chronicle, Channel 13 Eyewitness News, Elma Barerra, KGBC Galveston radio station, and several Internet journalists including Myron Howard and Dave Stoops. Ray Stone was in attendance representing the American Submarine Memorial Restoration Foundation. John Fredricks pulled in the Seawolf model. We had plenty of flyers and bumperstickers, thanks to Gil Raynor. Capt. Zeb threw down a good speech. Robin threw out a wreath. John Barnes read off the 52 boats, whose crews paid the ultimate price. Jim Flanders was there broadcasting on the radio. A big plus. Hams across the world heard us. Kenneth Anderson of Heartland Productions recorded the event on video. The Jason Fox and the TAMUG honor guard was resplendant. There were several members of the Park Board in attendance--thanks! Special thanks to Raymond Lewis for his support.

Ed Koskie, who flew all the way from Minnesota, presented a check from his chapter. I wish to thank you and your chapter for being there for us.

Jim Doherty, Bob Burrell, George Hemmingway, Richard Bielby, Del Spruage, Harvey McFadden, Jim Johnson, Richard Tatum, Buddi Harlan (VFW State Commander), Carter Colin (Navy League), Les Thompson--and so many more--thanks for your support! I wish I could give everyone proper credit but such a long list.

Glad to be a part of such a great bunch.

Neal Stevens