Cavalla SSK-244

Sleepover Program



Naval Display at Seawolf Park is now available for sponsored groups for:

Day Trips-Field Trips
Weekend Live-Aboard programs
and other unique educational opportunities.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity by contacting Curator John McMichael:
(409) 770-3196 or (409) 744-7854

Cavalla Historical Foundation
RR 8 Box 10 Pelican Island
Galveston, TX. 77554

Following are the rules and requirements for our sleep over program

1. Make your reservations early. Reservations may be made by contacting the Sleepover Coordinator at 409-744-7854 or 409-770-3196. Reservations must be for a minimum of 20 persons. The cost for the program is $20.00 per person.

 After your reservation request has been received, and that date is verified that it is available, we will hold that date for your group for thirty days, pending the receipt of the required $100 deposit. Verification will be confirmed via e-mail or phone upon receipt of the deposit. Failure to submit the deposit will result in forfeiture of your requested date. This deposit will be applied to the total fee for the group. Total payment for your sleepover is due within 30 days of your reservation.

2. Adults will be accommodated at the same cost as the youngsters and will be required to sign a Waiver of Liability upon arrival at the site.

3 The destroyer escort Stewart and the submarine Cavalla will be used for the sleepovers. The submarine does not have heat, the destroyer escort does. Both ships have air conditioning, but the Stewart is usually more comfortable in hot weather. The weather will usually dictate which ship is used for the sleepover.

4 At present there are 40 bunks available on the submarine and 75 available on the destroyer escort. Each attendee is required to bring his/her own sleeping bag, pillow, pillowcase and towel.

5 The Foundation staff will require a Certificate of Insurance for your group

6. At least one adult leader will be on watch during the night. It is recommended the leaders share the watches for periods of one and a half to two hours. However, this timing will be at the discretion of the respective groups.

7 No cooking is allowed within the Military Display area. It is recommended the group bring cold foods, such as sandwiches, drinks, chips, etc for dinner and muffins, juices, milk for breakfast, and coolers to carry the food. The group may prefer to order food, such as pizza, and have it delivered. Be advised the closest fast food restaurant or convenience store is five miles from the site. Throwaway plates, eating utensils, etc. are also to be the responsibility of the attendees.

8. Your sleepover starts at 5 PM, and all guests will be required to depart prior to visiting hours the next day (9 AM).

9. The cut off age for the sleepover is 5 years of age.

The staff of the Cavalla Historical Foundation welcomes your enquiries into our program and look forward to meeting your sleepover program desires.

Please contact us for arrangements for Day Trips, Field Trips, Private Educational Tours, Group Sleepovers. We will do everything possible to make your visit to Seawolf Park Naval Display educational, informational and fun for all involved.

Sleepover Coordinator: Billie McMichael
Curator: John McMichael MMCM(SS) USN Ret
RR 8 Box 10
Galveston, Texas 77554.

E-mail: or
(409) 744-7854 or (409) 770-3196


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